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AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH WHAT'S THIS? THE COVER REVEAL FOR GIRL GIANT AND THE MONKEY KING??? So excited to finally show off this work of art, illustrated by the super talented Phung Nguyen Quang and Huynh Kim Lien of KAA Illustration!!

And this is what the book is actually about 🐵

Eleven-year-old Thom Ngho is keeping a secret: she’s strong. Like suuuuper strong. Freakishly strong. And it’s making it impossible for Thom to fit in at her new middle school. In a desperate bid to get rid of her super strength, she makes a deal with the Monkey King, a powerful deity and legendary trickster. Thom will help him get back his magical staff if he'll take away her strength. Soon she is swept up in a centuries-old world where demons, dragons, and Jade princesses  actually exist. But Thom quickly discovers that magic can’t cure everything, and dealing with the trickster god might be more trouble than it’s worth.


There will be monkeys 🐵, fox demons 🦊, a half-dragon 🐲 half-fairy 🧚‍♂️, wrestling 💪, soccer ⚽, tea time 🍵, and maybe 🧐 a 🤔 silly 😜 hat 🎩

Also, it's now ready for pre-order! October 6 is the book birthday 🎂 You can pre-order it on Amazon, find a local bookstore with Indiebound, or wherever books are sold. And don't forget, you can always request it at your public library!

Be sure to screenshot/save the receipt for a chance to win some fun prizes (details coming soon)!

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